RDVF Scholarships

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RDVF Scholarship Instructions:

The RDVF Scholarship Program has grown significantly over the years. Today’s foundation is dedicated to its continued growth. In recent years the RDVF has approved over $20,000 per year in college scholarship money to the descendants of RDVF Members. Each year the RDVF Scholarship Committee reviews applications from eligible college-age students and selects winners and scholarship amounts. (Only undergraduate students are being considered at this time)

Eligibility:  Applicant must be either a graduating high school senior who is accepted to a college, and/or eligible to attend college in the fall and who is also one of the following:

  1. A current Soldier assigned to a unit commanded by the 42nd Infantry Division and in good standing.
  2. A descendant of a current RDVF Veteran or Legacy Member (A descendant is defined as: All spouses, children,
    spouses of children, descendants and spouses, and all blood and adopted relatives and their spouses, or…
  3. An immediate Gold Star Family Member of an OIF/OEF (or more recent Named Operation) Soldier who died in service under the command of a 42nd Infantry Division unit. (Mother, Father, Sibling, Spouse, or Child)
  4. Previous award winners are not eligible to apply. 

In addition, all applicants must be sponsored by a current RDVF Veteran or Legacy member who has been a member for at least the last three consecutive years, or is a “Lifetime Member”.  The applicant is responsible to find their own Sponsor and to coordinate that portion of the application process with them.

The Scholarship Sponsor: Can only sponsor one applicant per scholarship year. The sponsor must vouch for the applicant’s eligibility in writing. Veteran and Legacy RDVF members can sponsor their own descendants as long as they meet the consecutive year or Lifetime Membership criteria.

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Applicants must complete the Scholarship Application form included with these instructions and provide the following:

1. A letter of nomination from the Scholarship Sponsor which clearly delineates the Applicant’s eligibility.

2. Official high school transcripts and/or official college transcripts as appropriate. SAT and/or ACT scores must be submitted separately if they are not recorded on the official transcript. Please note any Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors (H) Courses.

3. Two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from a school representative (teacher, professor, coach, counselor, principal etc.) The second letter can be a general character reference.

4. Essay –
(a). Briefly describe your educational career to date, discussing why you selected the college/university and course of study that you did.
(b).  Briefly describe you interests, hobbies, sports, extracurricular activities and why they are important to you.
(c).  Discuss your relationship to the person who sponsored you for this scholarship.  Illustrate how that individual’s service in the 42nd Infantry Division lent itself to the creation of an enduring commitment to world wide understanding, permanent peace and respect for the rights of individuals in all nations.
(d).  Finally discuss what that person’s service means to you.  How can the lessons he or she learned as a member of the 42nd Infantry Division be applied to your own personal growth, selected educational path and potential career field.

When preparing your essay, please review our website www.rainbowvets.org for history and information related to the 42nd Infantry (Rainbow) Division and the Rainbow Division Veterans Foundation.

The application period is from March 1st through July 15th of each year.

Inquiries and completed applications with supporting material must be mailed or electronically submitted to:

Gary Yaple, Scholarship Chairman
19 State Line Rd
West Stockbridge, MA 01266
Phone: 585-507-8363

The postmark deadline for completed applications is July 15th.  If mailing the materials please use a minimum 9×12 size envelope so that no pages are folded.

Previous award winners are not eligible to apply.

The Scholarship Committee will evaluate each applicant utilizing a merit evaluation process, examining academics, extracurricular activities, committee member assessment and applicant essay. Individual scholarships have ranged from $1,000 to $5,000 in past years, however, available funds dictate scholarship amounts and numbers each year. It is the goal of the RDVF Board of trustees to increase scholarship awards in future years.


Numerous donations to the RDVF scholarship fund have been made over the years.  Without this support the scholarship program would not have grown.  Donations to both the Foundation operating fund and the scholarship fund are acknowledged on the last page of each Reveille edition.  It is the least we could do to recognize those so generous to our Rainbow family!

Donations to our scholarship fund are greatly appreciated in any amount, however, some donations have been very generous and worthy of recognition.  Below you will find donor categories that recognize donations from $1,000 to over $25,000.  Those that donate $5,000 or more will have Scholarship Awards named for them.  Those that give at least a $1,000 donation at one time will be recognized on this website and in the Annual RDVF Awards Banquet program. Only donations of $1,000 or more at one time are accounted for in these donor categories. Donations are accumulative in 1,000 increments, ie; a $1,000 donation at one time is a Bronze donor. A Bronze donor that makes two more $1,000 donations becomes a Silver donor.  A Silver donor who donated $2,000 more would become a Gold donor and so on.

(As we begin this new scholarship award naming policy we have attempted to verify all donations of $1,000 or more that have been made since 2012 when the revised scholarship program was established.  We will recognize those donations retroactively.  If there are any known donations that have not been acknowledged since 2012 in the amount of $1000 or more please email/call our treasurer Pete Riley at rileycameraeye110@gmail.com or 845-258-8588)

RDVF Diamond Donors must donate $25.000 or more.  Donors in this category will have scholarship awards named for them in perpetuity and will be listed in the RDVF Annual Award Banquet Program each year.

The Stillman F Sawyer Award
The Walter and Virginia Duhascsek Award
The Edward and Lillian Kaiser Award
The News Corp – Sgt Robert T Kennedy Award
RDVF Platinum Donors must donate a minimum of $10,000.  Donors in this category will have scholarship awards named for them for 6 consecutive years and will be listed in the RDVF Annual Award Banquet Program each year.

242 Infantry Regiment Award – 2017-2022 (retroactive from previous years)
222 Infantry Regiment Award – 2017-2022 (retroactive from previous years)
The Lon and Colleen Peck Award -2017-2022 (retroactive from previous years)
RDVF Gold Donors must donate a minimum of $5,000.  Donors in this category will have a scholarship award named for them for 3 consecutive years at the RDVF Annual Awards Banquet.

Mayland Crosson Award – 2017-2019 (retroactive from previous years)
RDVF Silver Donors must donate a minimum of $3,000.  Donors in this category will be listed in the RDVF Annual Award Banquet Program as a Silver Donor each year

RDVF Bronze Donors   must donate a minimum of $1,000.  Donors in this category will be listed in the RDVF Annual Award Banquet Program as a Bronze Donor each year


MG and Mrs Steven Wickstrom

MG and Mrs Steven Wickstrom

Virginia Tuckey
John “Jack” Parry

Mathilde Cox
Patricia McCormack
The 42nd Infantry “Rainbow” Division Association of New York (The Association is an affiliate of the RDVF)
William Roberge Estate

Scholarships will be awarded in the name of honored members of the RDVF who have made a significant contribution to the Scholarship Program.  The RDVF board of trustees must approve those selected:

Ted Johnson Award:  Ted was chairman of the RDVA for many years and was instrumental in establishing the RDVF along with the WWI Veterans.  Without Ted’s efforts a Foundation and a scholarship program would not have been possible.

Ted Simonson Award:  Ted was chairman of the RDVA for several years and was the individual who structured the initial scholarship program.  Ted was an educator by trade and he felt supporting the education of children and grandchildren of Rainbow Division Veterans was in keeping with the mission of the RDVF.