Rainbow Descendants

In memory of the Rainbow Division Veterans in two world wars, the Cold War, and War on Terrorism, the RDV Memorial Foundation, Inc. has been created to preserve the memories, history, memorials and patriotism of the men who served in the Rainbow Division. It is the sincere hope of our current veterans that in the future when they are no longer living, the Memorial Foundation will continue as a living memorial in the hands of their descendants, other family members, and National Guard Veterans and active duty personnel. This is the reason why the Foundation is reaching out to families of Rainbow veterans. Wives, widows and descendants of Rainbow Veterans as well as extended family — brothers, sisters and their descendants — are eligible to be members of the RDV Memorial Foundation. In addition, widows may receive gratis the Foundation newsletter, the Reveille. Rainbow news is mailed regularly in the Reveille and the National Auxiliary Bulletin.

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There is a special “Family Members Information” form for family members. This is not a dues form. Its purpose is only for gathering names, addresses and veteran information for family members. With computers to help maintain and process records it is an achievable task. Basically, this project is intended to be a “link” to preserve a name and address of a family member, including daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, niece or nephew and all other close family members and descendants of WWI and WWII Rainbow veterans and 42nd I.D. National Guard veterans and soldiers.

The veterans are feeling an urgency to tell their true story before it is too late for them to counter the history revisionists who are so vocal in the world today. They are looking to their families and extended families for support.

Author Bruce Catton, in his book, Civil War, quoted an old Grand Army of the Republic veteran: “First we were honored, then we were tolerated, and then we were forgotten.” As new generations take their place, the old are often forgotten. The Rainbow Division Memorial Foundation, a living memorial, is designed to assure that the memory of the World Wars of this century and Rainbow’s part in them will be preserved and will continue into the next century under the responsible care of Rainbow family and descendants.