RDVF Membership Rules

Rainbow Division Veterans Foundation Membership Levels

The Foundation appreciates your interest in becoming a member of our organization.  In accordance with the Bylaws of the Foundation, certain classes of membership have been established.

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42nd Infantry Division (Rainbow) Veterans

  1. All officers, warrant officers, and enlisted soldiers who served honorably with a unit of the 42d Infantry Division at any time during the period 13 August 1917 through 17 May 1919 (WW I), 14 July 1943 through 14 July 1946 (WW II), and 8 September 1947 to the present (Army National Guard).
  2. All officers, warrant officers, and enlisted soldiers who served honorably with a unit attached, assigned, in direct support of, or under the direct command of, the 42d Infantry Division during the time periods as listed above.
  3. Any member of the United States Armed forces entitled to wear the Rainbow Division combat patch for former wartime service.


Legacy Members

All spouses, children, spouses of children, descendants and spouses, and all blood and adopted relatives and their spouses, of Rainbow Veterans as per 42nd Infantry Division Veteran.


Associate Member

  1. Any person sponsored by a foundation Member in good standing and approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Any person not otherwise qualified but that demonstrates an interest in Rainbow and the mission of the Foundation, and approved by the Board of Directors.

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Honorary Member

  1. Any person, who has performed outstanding service to the Rainbow, upon formal written nomination and after approval by the Board of Directors, will be granted the status of Honorary Member.
  2. Nomination can be from any member in good standing and shall provide sufficient detail to demonstrate why Honorary Member status should be awarded.
  3. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to approve Honorary Member status on a case by case basis.