As outlined in our mission statement Memorial sustainment and establishment of 42nd Division memorials are an important part of the Foundations work. Many memorials outlining the deeds and sacrifices of our Rainbow Soldiers exist all over the United States and in Europe.

In Search of Rainbow Memorials was an amazing piece of work that allowed us all to realize the breadth and scope of the number of such remembrances. The book was put together by our dear Rainbow friend from France LIse Pommois. Please read about her in the intro section of the book. Our dear late Memorials officer Charles Fowler assisted. Charley did research and the forward for the book. Together they gave us the gift of knowing where these memorials where placed and some of the history behind them. We are also grateful to Ms Patti Bonn and Susan Leppert of Aegis Consulting Group and Aberjona Press who published the book and granted us access to this CD so everyone can enjoy the work done by Lise and Charley.

More posting to these webpage’s under the memorials tab will continue, for example we have posted information on the new memorials for the Divisions participation in the Iraq war in 2005/6. Those memorials were established at Fort Drum and Dix.