Rainbow Memorials

As you know, one of our stated goals as a Foundation is to maintain existing memorials and establish new memorials in order to preserve the Legacy of our Division and its Soldiers. In the near future we will have posted to our website the entire list and location of all 42nd Division memorials/monuments, they are numerous!

Two such memorials exist in Garden City LI, NY the other at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma.  These two memorials commemorate the mobilization and deployment of the 42nd for WWI and WWII and stand in recognition of the sacrifices of those soldiers and families.

Iraq Deployment Memorials

Now we are pleased to establish new memorials at Fort Drum and Fort Dix, the site of the mobilization and deployment of the 42nd for the Iraq war.  This is the ten year anniversary of the mobilization of the 42nd for the Iraq war.  The RDVF unanimously approved the expenditure of funds to support the establishment of these memorials calling them totally in keeping with our Foundations mission.

For more information about these two new memorials please click here.