Linda Owen Gives Moving Farewell Address

As Retiring Auxiliary President at the 2012 Annual Reunion

“Those of you have served in Rainbow as Veterans, I take this as very personally.  Every minute you have spent away from your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Wife, Husband, Child, friends and family…..I feel you did it for me.

Every minute you have experienced fear, concern, sacrifice,  loneliness, pain, separation, anxiety, confusion, anger and frustration……I feel you did it for me.

Every minute you spent away from home, on foreign soil, on stormy seas, or soaring above the clouds to face untold horrors of war, dangers, lonely foxholes, fatigue, battle, capture, imprisonment, reconstruction, police action, Ground Zero on 9/11 and so many other situations I will never even be aware of……I feel you did it for me.

Rainbow is bound together by more than Heroics (and there have been so many acts of courage and valor.) More than Duty to God and Country, More than Patriotism which we all feel….Rainbow is bound together by blood, sacrifice, tears, pride, but more than these LOVE……It has been said “no greater love can a person have than to lay down their life for their friend”……  I want to Thank you for all the Minutes, Hours and Years you have given for me in service to our country, America and me……..Thank you to all your families who were selfless enough to let your Veterans serve our country and me…….

From the first reunion I attended, I fell in love with Rainbow, its history and its wonderful people.

Thank you seems so small and insignificant for all you have given to me….just know there is one old lady from Oklahoma that takes your gift personally….. I will never take for granted your sacrifices or the gifts you have given to me……Thank you with all my heart…..I love you all…..and I will NEVER FORGET!”